Who Dat?

So… you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter - but still don’t market your brand online?

I can get you started!

I’ll do an online “build” for you; revamp your Facebook and Twitter pages, find opportunities for your brand to engage meaningfully online by reaching out to potential customers, like-minded businesses/societies, find sources for relevant posts and content – and get you started successfully in the exciting world of social media!

one time fee

You Dat.

Want to be your own social media maven? After I build your brand online, I will work closely with you and your team of employees, training you how to build your brand engagement.

I set it up, and together we keep it growing!

I’ll update you regularly with ideas for fresh content and new opportunities, as well as meet with any of your staff who may have questions or need guidance.

Perfect for small businesses that want to be involved in their social media every step of the way! 

monthly fee

True Dat!

You know that social media is critical for marketing your business, but just don’t have the time?

Let me do it all for you!

I’ll be an integral part of your marketing team. I’ll start with a thorough social media build, then handle all your daily posts, as well as work with you to construct blog posts, YouTube videos, and more!

You’ll have the full benefit of a well integrated and effective online presence, without having to worry about the details! 

monthly fee